Integrated Aromatics Sciences Practitioner™ (IASP)

Beyond Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Teaches the use of essential oils, specific techniques and other related proven therapies to enhance wellness, reduce pain, tension, and stress and promote deep healing and relaxation.

  • Is related to Aromatherapy, but integrates additional advanced therapeutic and medical based methods for a more comprehensive effect that's .

  • Is a unique scientifically-based program not offered in any other Canadian school program.

IEWS is honored to offer an aromatic series of courses, like no other, leading to Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner Certificate (the Basic aromatics program) and Diploma (the Advanced aromatics program).

Basic is a 350-hour course.  Advanced is 450 hours.  Both courses of study include classes, reading, home studies, research projects, written tests and case studies.  Total hours for the diploma program are 800.  The Basic program consists of Levels 1- 4 plus anatomy/physiology only.

Please Note: Students/graduates of the CARE program are entitled to receive appropriate credits for our intensive aromatic courses. Please enquire with our school office for details.

IEWS is approved by the Canadian federal government for certification for the 'Study of Amazon Botanicals in Ecuador'.  Currently, our students receive course credits for a week-long field trip to the Utah Farms, and now students receive the same for traveling to Ecuador.  We're the only school in North America offerring educational credits and tax benefits for traveling afar and learning in the field.  We’d like you to enjoy this spectacular opportunity!

Other Upcoming Elective Aromatic Programs:

  • Cooking with Essential Oils™
  • Gardening with Essential Oils™
  • Children & Essential Oils
"What I appreciated most was the presence and expertise of the instructors, their willingness to address questions and give explanations based on their experience and knowledge.  We were clearly in the presence of gifted, committed, passionate and highly educated instructors.  I will continue to process and integrate this learning for a long time and I know this will improve my work right away!" - Ben Perkus Ph.D., Birmingham, New York, USA       More testimonials . . .
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