AR10 Aromatics 10 - Exploring New Frontiers in Therapeutic Essential Oils: Study of Amazon Botanicals in Ecuador

(60 contact hours)

palo santo tree This one-week to 10-day course takes place on the magnificent newly acquired organic herbal fields in Ecuador.  It's a first and remarkable occasion to give students a most diverse, unusual experience in natural, herbal and aromatic medicines unparalleled by any other aromatic program. Students will tour the nearby terrain and Amazon forest to learn of the indigenous ecosystem. Students will be trained on growing, harvesting, and distilling-everything to produce these exceptional and newly discovered essential oils.

Ecuador Students are expected to work on the farm while learning about the full procedure to grow and distill essential oils.  Students will also have the opportunity to attend daytime/evening lectures with Dr. Young including supervised hands-on work in body techniques taught in the school program at the NovaVita holistic clinic.  This gives students a full immersion of the entire operation in preparation of the botanicals and their application in a professional setting.

This course offers students another rare and extraordinary experience in an aromatic program that is unmatched today by any other course curriculum.

IEWS appreciates this offer from Ecuador for educating our students, which makes our Integrated Aromatic Sciences course an original, exclusive Canadian program.

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