Aromatics 2: Special Body Therapy Techniques

(40 contact hours)

This experiential course teaches selected advanced aromatic techniques/chemistry, the importance of blending oils and procedures, and lymphatic drainage techniques.
Integrated Aromatic Practitioner

This course covers the following:

— Chemical compositions and effects of aromacological compounds and blending.

— VitaFlex is a specialized form of hand and foot massage exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils.  VitaFlex means 'vitality through the reflexes' and is said to have originated thousands of years ago in Tibet, long before acupuncture.

VitaFlex Technique

  • Client assessment, care and comfort
  • What is VitaFlex? - history and application
  • Protocol for VitaFlex technique - Specific areas of concern for:
    • Clearing the colon
    • Clearing the lungs
    • Clearing the sinuses
    • Head technique for stress/headaches
    • Ear Adjustment Technique
    • Heart Technique
    • TMJ Technique
    • Heel Reproductive Technique
    • Advanced diagnostics with VitaFlex
  • Plus:
    • Auricular technique for physical issues
    • Lymphatic pump and lymphatic drainage
    • Hand Vita Flex Technique
"When I signed up for this course, I thought I would be learning 'why' the oils are so powerful and 'how' to use them - which oil for which condition.  But now, I really feel that changing my occupation from working in an office to becoming a practitioner is truly a possibility for me.  I feel I learned more than I ever expected." - Martha Stoikos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada       More testimonials . . .
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