Aromatics 7: Women's Health & Aromatherapy

(30 contact hours)


In our fast-paced, tumultuous world, women today are facing more challenges than ever before.  Along with the multi-faceted roles that they play and the high demands of balancing family and home-life, they also contend with an onslaught of chemical/environmental pollutants, poor nutrition, chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation and emotional stressors.

Unfortunately, many women who resort to conventional medicine often experience a drastic disruption of their natural hormonal cycles.  Women are the main victims of drug and surgical over use.  Modern millennium women are seeking more harmonious, gentle and natural ways that respect the complexity of female bio-rhythms, sensitivities and 'scents'-abilities.

Women's Health Aromatherapy Although there are many alternative healing practices offered for women's health issues, the use of aroma-therapeutics offers a host of exquisite, unique advantages.

Essential oils have a proven history of healing and treating ailments such as insomnia, depression, digestive disturbances, and all types of skin problems; in particular for treating common female complaints such as, candida infections, cellulite, menopause, cervical cancer, PMS and irregular periods.

Some essential oils contain phyto-estrogen precursors that can be safely and naturally used to balance reproductive hormones during every cycle of a women's life.  These hormone-balancing essences support the body's own ability to balance irregular or heavy periods.

Essential oils are a very valuable alternative medicine that is practical, efficient, safe and enjoyable.  They can enhance stress reduction, and as stated by the old cliché - "Stop and take time to smell the roses".  Aromatics are used with other forms of natural practices, too.

This program covers the varied issues that women face today physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Topics covered include:

  • Gender-based differences in women's health
  • Understanding and assessing basic women's health issues
  • Considering the contributing environmental, socio-cultural, factors for women
  • Learning simple energy techniques with essential oils to reduce common stressors
  • Exploring premenstrual syndrome, teenage girls' health issues, women's stress issues, pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, peri-menopause, menopause, fibrocystic breast disease, osteoarthritis, women's heart disease, depression, grief and anti-aging.


This unique five-day comprehensive course teaches selected advanced aromatic uses pertaining to women's health issues.

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