High-Frequency Electrotherapy

HF - High-Frequency Electrotherapy
(16 contact hours) (Elective)

In the therapeutic context, high frequencies are frequencies from several hundred kilohertz (kHz) to several thousand megahertz (MHz) per second.  Combinations of these frequencies are known as "multiplexed" high frequencies.

High-Frequency Electrotherapy In high-frequency electrotherapy, special equipment is used to apply small multiplexed high-frequency electrical signals to the skin by a small glass bulb.  The signals are of such low current that they're scarcely felt and muscle contractions are not produced, yet the waves easily penetrate superficial tissues, where they have a warming effect, reaching sluggish cells and helping them to absorb oxygen and burn off toxins and cellulite.

The photon shower from the glass bulb opens lymphatic blockages and initiates drainage.  The sweep frequencies create temporary electrostatic charges which disperse sub dermal stagnant protein that contributes to tissue swelling.

Dr. Eberhart, a high-frequency electrotherapy pioneer, referred to the technique as "cellular massage".  Results are immediately visible.  It is highly effective for lymphatic congestion, detoxifying, weight loss, cellulite, acne and hair stimulation.  It is called the Derma Ray.  The Ultra Wave BeautyAid is a smaller home unit based on ultra sonic frequencies delivering similar results.

  • An understanding of how lymph works
  • Lymphatic pathways and their relationship with the immune system
  • Safety and contraindications
  • Full body techniques of lymph movement
  • Lymphatic assessment techniques
  • Advanced Lymphatic drainage
  • Full body treatment and protocols for cellulite, swelling, weight loss and more
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