(40 contact hours)

Scientific Analysis and Understanding of the Human Energy Field using the Photon Emission Captivation

Human Energy Field Practitioner

This course teaches you to use the GDV bio-electrography Kirlian camera for human energy field assessment.

The GDV camera complex consists of hardware and software for the direct computer registration and processing of a subject's energy field.

GDV pictures are created by a unique patented optical system and GCD camera in daylight conditions with real-time processing.  Students learn to interpret the energy field distribution and offer recommendations for both psychological and physical disturbances.

  • The GDV camera is the first device in the world to measure the distribution of biological objects.
  • The Russian Ministry of Health certified the GDV technique as a medical instrument January 2000.
  • Our instructors are certified by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (scientist, physicist, and inventor of the GDV Kirlian camera).
  • GDV is used in 42 countries, research, medical facilities and universities.



  • Analysis of energy homeostasis of separate organs and the organism
  • Quantitative estimation of the health level coupled with revealing anxiety zones
  • Quantitative estimation of the stress level
  • Monitoring and comparisons of various influences on the organism


Introduction to Bioelectrography

  • Brief history
  • Current developments & Dr. K. Korotkov
  • Applications & ongoing research
  • Calibrating, set-up and testing
  • Procedures in capturing Beograms


Analysis of Client Conditions

  • Understanding psychological, mental and emotional profiles
  • Why assess emotional patterns first
  • Consciousness & Spirituality Interpretations, attachments, entities etc.
  • Interpretation of psycho/emotional energy field — past & present
  • Beogram types
  • Psycho-physiological Beograms, interpretations & comparisons
  • Measurement of the energetics of chakras and interpretations
  • Analysis of energy homeostasis of separate organs and systems of the organism
  • Monitoring client's state from therapy, mental exercises, emotions, hypnosis influences of electromagnetic pollutants (cell phones, etc.)
  • Parameter and sector analysis of Beograms
  • Compatibility — influence of individuals on one another

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