New Energy Technique

Offered at the IEWS Module 7 – Human Energy Field Program

The EMF Balancing Technique™

This is a new energy system which accelerates the integration of Spirit and biology, so that you can increase your health and co-create the miracle you are. The EMF Balancing Technique is also designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice to enhance and accelerate the evolutionary process.

Students receive recognition and certificates from IEWS as well as the EMF Balancing Technique Organization.

Course Description:

This course is intended to teach a much more comprehensive structure and understanding about a system in the human energy anatomy, coined by the course director, developer and founder Peggy Phoenix Dubro, of this system as the Universal Calibration Lattice®. This system in our energy anatomy is an extension of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which assists us in the development of our abilities to fully express ourselves.   The techniques, also called Electromagnetic Field Balancing (EMF) Techniques, taught in this program will assist any health care practitioner of various modalities to enhance their results in the balancing of emotional, mental and/or spiritual issues. It is practiced in over 70 countries worldwide. Students with this knowledge will be in demand.
As part of the energy field program, this latest technique lends well as an adjunct to the other treatments taught thus far that are based on the new understandings and discoveries in quantum sciences. It is a graceful, elegant and sophisticated form of energy health care work.

The Lattice represents the personal Akashic attributes of a Human Being, a quantum energy that surrounds an individual  that can be used and pulled upon. It includes healing, a balance of life, and even mastery.

Benefits and Procedure:

The EMF Balancing Technique® uses the low level electromagnetic energy of the human hand to calibrate a structure called the Universal Calibration Lattice.  This lattice shaped structure is found in the electro-magnetic field surrounding the human body.  Strengthening and calibrating the Universal Calibration Lattice results in the balancing of emotions, mind and spirit.  It can also affect the body itself.  The technique itself consists of 12 sequential, organized and structured sessions. 
The primary benefit of an EMF Balancing Technique session is the strengthening of the Universal Calibration Lattice - a complex system in the human energy anatomy with a simple purpose - to carry the greater electrical charge that is now available to all human beings.
The UCL is the circuitry for the electrical charge that serves as the foundation for the next level of our personal evolution. Anyone on the path of conscious personal growth will benefit from having greater knowledge of his or her Universal Calibration Lattice, as it affects everything we do.
Documented benefits of the EMF sessions include profound peace, greater mastery in ones life, improved wellbeing, and sometimes even remarkable physical healings - the benefits are unlimited as we learn to hold and express our greater charge. We are learning how to explore, translate, and shape our world as multi-dimensional beings. The work strengthens anyone who wants to continue to grow, from the novice on the path to the seasoned sage who knows the journey is eternal and growth is unlimited.


Benefits of the EMF Balancing Technique® Program

In the study of this technique, the student personally receives the sessions as part of the practical application of the course. 

The student, along with future clients, receives the following personal benefits:

  • Personal spiritual growth
  • Improved emotional health
  • Increased self-empowerment
  • Improved understanding of how to practice personal mastery in one’s daily life
  • Clearing and balancing of their personal electromagnetic Lattice, the Universal Calibration Lattice
  • Centralized advertising materials are available in a variety of languages: business cards, pamphlets, posters, etc.
  • Ongoing guidance and contact with teacher is available
  • Worldwide gatherings of EMF Balancing Technique practitioners, teachers and teacher of teachers happen approximately every three years
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