iStock_000013794237XSmall.jpgThe dictionary defines nutrition as the process of utilizing food taken into one's body.  For some, it may mean eating to live, for others it's living to eat or perhaps for others it's adding life force to enhance ones connection to Mother Nature.  Nutrition is the act of nourishing the whole body - mind and soul, the act of supplying the nutrients which are necessary for the maintenance of optimum health and vitality in every cell in the body.

Because we are each unique individuals with our own set of specific needs, capabilities and genetic make-up, there is no one "diet" that fits all.  Some individuals require more protein, while others thrive on a vegetable carbohydrate diet.

Our modern society is awakening to a new and vital interest in wholesome foods and nutrition.  This curiosity is not aimed at the traditional dietetic and scientific field.  It rather involves an emerging sphere of nutrition that encompasses not only the characteristics of food, but also explores the quality of the food source; it's preparation along with the consciousness of the consumer.

According to a recent Health Canada survey, approximately 71% of Canadians have used natural health products - a trend that is growing in 'natural nutrition'.  Environmental issues, toxic polluted foodstuffs, obesity, heart disease, cancer, allergies, asthma, global warming and anti-aging are areas of greater concern.

is indisputably the corner stone of good health.  For those of us engaged in this exciting field, it is an enormously rewarding time.

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